Integrated circuit manufacturing materials industry project took place in Guangzhou

November 29, 2020

On the 28th November, 2020, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone in Guangzhou held a grand ceremony to launch the project of integrated circuit manufacturing materials industry. Ferrotec Group and ZhiCheng semiconductor materials are the two major projects which funded by XingCheng capital, were signing the agreement in this event. XingCheng capital was invited to participate in the signing of the industrial fund settlement. It plans to establish two special industrial funds in the area in the close future with the sum of billions of RMB. Shenzhen ZhiCheng semiconductor materials Co., Ltd. has been developing rapidly for the past 3 years since it’s establishment. It has set up the headquarter in Guangzhou Development Zone this time, the enterprise will upgrade with a new image, welcoming in the new stage of company development.

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